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Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you’re at home cuddling up with your cup of hot chocolate and catching up on some of your favorite blogs and TV shows. While you’re at it check out this cute little sneak peek from Abby & Todd’s wedding at Magnolia Hall.  Abby wed in a beautiful blush wedding dress! Cool? Yes! But Abby and Todd are cooler! Check out some of our faves!


Meet Abby & Todd! We’re shooting their wedding later this year at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park. Excited! :) Check out some of our faves from their engagement session!

atlanta engagment session - yellow river park

yellow river park

yellow river park

yellow river park

yellow river park

yellow river park

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Meet Leauna & Eron! We met these two at Piedmont Park for their session. Piedmont Park is where Eron proposed to Leauna so why not have their engagement session there?!  These two were easy!  We just stood by and watched the love birds flirt all day. We can’t wait for their wedding next year at Puritan Mill!

The spot where he proposed. AWWW! :)

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Neda &  Jay are such a cool couple and we can’t wait to shoot and experience their wedding in February.   Neda is Persian, so they are planning to have a fusion ceremony with both Christian and Bahá’í elements.  Super-cool.

At the beginning of the session, Neda warned us that they were both pretty shy. I think we were able to loosen them up a little…check them out.  BTW,  Don’t you love that dress?

Love the shy-flirtyness. He likes it, he likes it.

I like the repetition in this image… their shadows reinforcing their gesture.

I love all of the elements in this image. Their shadows, the reflection of the sky in the windows behind them, and the saturated edit.

I isolated their shadows for this shot… a little more abstract, but you can still tell it’s them.

I love both Neda and Jay’s expressions in this shot.  He has a very nice “manly” expression, while Neda’s is a little softer.  I also like how her hair is kinda in her face.

I like how the tree brings balance to the composition and I love Jay’s cute grin towards Neda.

I think this might have been an in between moment…but those make for the best shots.  Love the genuine expressions here.

Again, the expressions sold this image for me.  It is like Neda is saying, “This is MY man!”  😉

I like the playfulness, I’m sure this displays a little part of how their relationship really is…Jay making Neda laugh all the time. :)

GOSH! Neda is stunning….annnd I think Jay agrees.

I edited this picture to be a little colder, which contrasts nicely with the yellow in the tree.  I really like the angle of the yellow tree branch and how it cuts across the top of the composition.

I really wanted to get a portrait of Neda, but I didn’t want to exclude Jay. I love the realness in her grasp and the play on their height difference.

Real laughs here.  LOVE IT.  I think we said, “Jay, walk up to Neda like…hooooow yoooou dooooing?” lol.

The ivy was great. I love the composition and the great color and repetition that the ivy provides.

We love doing these  juxtapositions. They are soooo funny. I guess you kinda had to be there.  Did I say that they ivy was great?

A little ATL skyline in the background…. A black and white edit for a timeless feel.  Perfect.  😉