December 19, 2009

We met in 2006 while attending college and pursuing our degrees in photography. We ended up working on a couple of projects together and found that we had a lot in common and this is when the “duo” really started to be created.

We quickly found that we had a mutual interest in wedding photography, which greatly separated us from the rest of the students who were more interested in other commercial photography areas such as architecture, sports, food, etc. We both did our internships with widely acclaimed and respected wedding photographers and instantly fell head-over-heels in love with shooting weddings.

We started shooting weddings together as a team in 2007. We quickly realized how much we enjoyed working together and we have stuck together since then. We eat/sleep/breathe wedding photography. No seriously… our boyfriends hate how much time we spend on the phone together talking about wedding photography. But we can’t help it!! We enjoy the entire process… from the time we sit down with the bride in a consultation, to the engagement session, to the wedding day, to the editing, to the album design… we love it all!! We are so very fortunate to have found a skill that we are passionate about…. and we are lucky to have found each other as team mates. Our passion and our team work separate us from the bazillion of other wedding photographers out there. We are different… and that’s how it should be. 😉

We shoot weddings with a heavy photojournalism edge. Around 75% of our images are candid. The remaining 25% are portrait oriented. We want our portrait work to reflect the relationship our clients share. For this reason, we approach our portrait work with an editorial or lifestyle feel… and shy away from the traditionally posed images.

We seek to work with couples who are enthusiastic about their wedding pictures. We think of our photography as an investment, not just a wedding expense. We are passionate about what we are providing to our clients, and we want our clients to be passionate about what they are receiving from us. We find that the chemistry between us and our clients is very important. We work hard to not only be your photographers, but also your friends. So, go ahead, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to chat about you and your wedding. 😉