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Meet Nicole & Sheldon! These two wed at Cator Woolford Gardens and partied a few miles down the road at The Decatur Courthouse. The best of both worlds for a summer wedding in HOTlanta! Check them out!

Nicole customized her bridesmaid’s shoes with flower and butterfly pins. Cute!

Nicole’s wedding day hair inspiration came from Dita Von Teese! Classic!

What a beautiful day at the gardens! :)

Sheldon arrived to the ceremony in style!

Newlywed portrait time!

Ahhh! Air conditioning! And a beautiful ballroom! :)

We knew there was about to be a party when Nicole and Sheldon got introduced in the reception. LOL! Check them out!

And they’re off!!!

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New York Trip

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Zahra here! I’ve been meaning to share these images on our blog for ages now…as in 2 freakin’ years ago. :/ I had a vivid dream about New York last night that inspired me to post this today. :) Two years ago, Courtney and I went up to New York to shoot her sister-in-law’s wedding. While there we spent a couple of days in the city w/our other halves. Photographers have a bad reputation of not shooting for themselves and documenting their personal lives and I have to admit I am sometimes guilty of that. :( But, I’M TRYING TO CHANGE OKAY!? And the images from this trip have definitely spurred that change for me. I’ve been making an extra effort to shoot for myself  ever since. :) Take a look!


First top, Chinatown!

I was trying to be all sneaky photojournalist and this lady wasn’t very happy about that. :(

This is Allen! My boyfriend. :)

This picture makes my mouth water every time!! These olives were the bomb!!

Courtney & Doug!!

“Get the hundreds outs of New York!!”

I wish I remembered the name of this place! I loved the pizza.

Getting my pose on!

I liked the Z’s! :)

Washington Square Park.

Chillaxin’ in Central Park.