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Anniversary Trip!

August 30, 2011

My husband Doug and I(Courtney) zipped away to Destin for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast and the relaxation was SO therapeutic (and much needed!).  Here are some shots from the trip that make me happy…
































Yay!  We have a sneak from Sofi + Akbar’s wedding festivities!!  Sofi & Akbar had a South Asian wedding and you don’t see that on our blog everyday,  so we took the time to explain some of the events so that you guys can better understand the images.

On the first night with Sofi & Akbar we shot their Pithi ceremony. The Pithi ceremony is celebrated seperately and Sofi and Akbar were not to see each other on this day…

Sofi entering the room to begin her Pithi ceremony…

Sofi and Akbar’s closest friends and family all came up to give blessings and rub a paste made out of chickpea flour, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron and rose water on their skin. The paste is excellent for your skin, it cleanses as well as adds a healthy glow. GOOD TO KNOW!! :)

Candy is fed to them to wish them sweetness in life. :)

Akbar’s Pithi was the same as Sofi’s except after the traditional ceremony the guests followed him into another room for some EXTRA “blessings” just to show how much they REALLY love him. :) This party is totally just for fun!!

The wedding day!

Sofi & Akbar’s beautiful sisters MC’ed the reception.


More soon! Happy Monday!!!

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LOVING these images from Emily & Michael’s session!!  Had to share! More soon. 😉

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We’re so excited to share this wedding with you!!! Remember Kirsten and Justin from their sneak peek a couple months back? Well here’s their awesome wedding! Kirsten and Justin had their wedding and reception at Zen in Greenville, SC about 3 hours outside of Atlanta. Unfortunately, it rained on their wedding day but luckily every nook and cranny of Zen is filled with coolness and light so we hardly even noticed. :)  Check it out!

We can’t say enough good things about Zen. The venue is beautiful and the owners and staff are so sweet and accommodating.

We had so much fun shooting her bridals!! We love alllll of these!! Can you tell we had a hard time narrowing them down for this post??

The awesome wedding party…

We weren’t lying about the nook and cranny thing….we shot Justin in the kitchen!! :)

The ceremony was held in the art gallery.

These four are too cute!

Portrait time!!!

These two are definitely a  match made in heaven…

Kirsten and Justin’s first dance was sooo beautiful. It felt like we were the only ones in the room with them. It’s obvious that they were cherishing every moment…

The groom dancing before taking the garter off never gets old…GO JUSTIN!!

The Dicken’s Band had it feeling like a concert!!!!

And they lived happily ever after!

Kirsten & Justin, OMG you two make us so happy!! You two were such an inspiration to work with…really.  Getting to work with people like you make us so very thankful to be doing what we do. We totally wish you didn’t move to California so we could be your photographers FOR LIFE!! We had the best experience at your wedding and will NEVER forget it. Love always<3.  C&Z

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Happy Monday everyone!! We wanted to share Huong & Pete’s engagement session with you! These two are married now but we had to show you some of our faves from their engagement session before we share the wedding! Check them out!

The day of their session we did a little scouting and came across this random beautiful field of wild flowers in the city. IT WAS SO AWESOME!! We just decided to end the session here..there was no need to go anywhere else! LOL

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