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We’d like to introduce everyone to Kim & Nelson. They got married in Lookout Mountain, GA at Grandview.  Which is a beautiful mountain top venue overlooking Chattanooga, TN.  The images below are just a snippet of their awwwwwesome wedding day. We can’t wait to tell you about their ceremony and share their full post with you!! Kim and Nelson are so in love and it ain’t hard to tell.  :)

We are off to Charleston this weekend for a wedding. We have so many goodies to blog when we get back, we hope you’ll stop by again soon for more eye candy! :)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!

C & Z

GEEZ LOUISE!  This is a hefty sneak peek post…but WE COULDN’T HELP OURSELVES! This session is soooo cool but Katie and Phil are even cooler. Know why?  We had no idea where we were shooting until we arrived at Phil’s house.  They chose these locations all on their own! It was so much fun jumping from location to location. We were so inspired and overflowing with fresh ideas everywhere they took us. Can’t wait til their wedding this October at King Plow. Check them out!!

Giana and Eric live in Chicago and we were  pen pals for a year until we finally met them in person on their WEDDING DAY!  They were sooo0o0o worth the wait. We were pleasantly surprised, they were oh-so-beautiful and so in love. The ceremony and reception were held in Rosemary Beach, FL on the Eastern Green.

We fell head over heels  in love with Giana and Eric within 5 seconds of meeting them and we were all the best of friends for the 8 hours we were there. We cannot stress how important chemistry is between us and our clients. Because when the stars are aligned,  we create images like these…

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  the dress.  Right?

It was foggy and overcast for the entire day, but no RAIN!!  We loved the fog for our beach portraits, they have  a desolate BUT romantic feel.

But, you’ll have to check back for their full post to see those! :)   Until then, we’d love to hear what you think!! :)