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Neda &  Jay are such a cool couple and we can’t wait to shoot and experience their wedding in February.   Neda is Persian, so they are planning to have a fusion ceremony with both Christian and Bahá’í elements.  Super-cool.

At the beginning of the session, Neda warned us that they were both pretty shy. I think we were able to loosen them up a little…check them out.  BTW,  Don’t you love that dress?

Love the shy-flirtyness. He likes it, he likes it.

I like the repetition in this image… their shadows reinforcing their gesture.

I love all of the elements in this image. Their shadows, the reflection of the sky in the windows behind them, and the saturated edit.

I isolated their shadows for this shot… a little more abstract, but you can still tell it’s them.

I love both Neda and Jay’s expressions in this shot.  He has a very nice “manly” expression, while Neda’s is a little softer.  I also like how her hair is kinda in her face.

I like how the tree brings balance to the composition and I love Jay’s cute grin towards Neda.

I think this might have been an in between moment…but those make for the best shots.  Love the genuine expressions here.

Again, the expressions sold this image for me.  It is like Neda is saying, “This is MY man!”  😉

I like the playfulness, I’m sure this displays a little part of how their relationship really is…Jay making Neda laugh all the time. :)

GOSH! Neda is stunning….annnd I think Jay agrees.

I edited this picture to be a little colder, which contrasts nicely with the yellow in the tree.  I really like the angle of the yellow tree branch and how it cuts across the top of the composition.

I really wanted to get a portrait of Neda, but I didn’t want to exclude Jay. I love the realness in her grasp and the play on their height difference.

Real laughs here.  LOVE IT.  I think we said, “Jay, walk up to Neda like…hooooow yoooou dooooing?” lol.

The ivy was great. I love the composition and the great color and repetition that the ivy provides.

We love doing these  juxtapositions. They are soooo funny. I guess you kinda had to be there.  Did I say that they ivy was great?

A little ATL skyline in the background…. A black and white edit for a timeless feel.  Perfect.  😉

**The name and face of this client have been left out to respect her privacy.

What perfect timing to post a boudoir session!  This session was shot downtown at The W Hotel on Peachtree Street; Ms. M booked the room for the session and then had a sleepover with her girlfriends afterwards (what a GREAT idea!) We love everything about the rooms at The W; the streamline design and stunning pops of color, and of course,   the great big windows that allow for a lot of pretty natural light. We had so much fun during the session. Ms. M had a great playlist to set the mood and a big tub of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Oatmeal cookies(she let us have some)…we found ourselves shooting and dancing AND wanting to stay for the sleepover. LOL! Here are a few shots from the session…

You ladies ought to start thinking about what you are going to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day.  You know it’s only three weeks away!! If you are interested in seeing more of this session and hearing about our mini-boudoir session promo, shoot us an email.  :)


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kym + billy – athens, ga

January 14, 2010

*We want to try something new with our blog posts this year.  From now on we are going to put descriptions under our pictures to better explain why we love them. We feel that the descriptions will help educate our blog readers and hopefully help you understand why you are attracted to a certain type of photograph, and give you the ability to better explain what kind of photographs you are attracted to.

Kym & Billy had  an elegant southern wedding in Athens, Ga.  Athens is very meaningful to Kym & Billy because they met at UGA and graduated from UGA.  Those are like the two best things that can happen in life right? The ceremony was at St. James United Methodist Church…it was the cutest little chapel with lots of window light.  The reception was at Athens country club, it was a great big ball room which was perfect for allll of that partying! Check them out!

Kym got ready at her friend’s house.  The property outside was gorgeous and made for a beautiful area for portraits.  A huge tree and 2 barns – instant vintage -what else can a photographer ask for?

Having a large window for the dress shot is always helpful.  I particularly loved the chair and plant stand, which provided a punch of color and some balance to the image.

Seriously.  Wedding shoes just don’t get better than this.  Gorgeous.

I love the expression on the friend’s face.  She had just finished applying Kym’s makeup and was smiling at how beautiful Kym looked.  You can see Kym smiling back at her in the mirror.  A really nice moment between them.

This shot of Kym (shot thru the mirror) putting her dress on is a perfect millisecond caught in time.  Her hands pulling the dress up, her face looking downward at her body – I really like the unobtrusive feel of the image… the observer feel of it.

Kym was so excited when her dress was finally on… the dress she would marry Billy in.  And she looked like a million dollars.  And she felt like a million dollars.  She did a “I look and feel like a million dollar” dance in front of her bridesmaids, which I thought was so cute.

What a truly girly moment.  Guys don’t do this.  To me, it displays friendship and support from her bridesmaids.  So sweet.

I love this walking shot of Kym and her bridesmaids because Kym is looking at the camera and is visually the “leader” of the image, with her bridesmaids walking and supporting her from behind.  A candid feel with the bridesmaids, but more of an intentional expression from Kym.

This image is one of my all time faves.  It is the main image on our website.  I love the barn and the twigs and the dirty concrete and how all of that contrasts with Kym’s beauty and elegance.  I also like the 2 little sun spots at the top of the images.

Similar to the image above it, but with a different edit and a slight tilt of my camera.  While shooting it, I exaggerated the sun spot at the top and also brought in a sun spot in the bottom.  I love the country feel of the image.

Kym’s expression is great here.  Very vulnerable and sweet.  Very mature.  Love it.

I love the posing in this image.  Very supermodel.  😉  The vines really soften the old wood on the barn and I love the splotchy light.

This image, although it was shot in front of the same area as the image above, is more playful.  I love Kym’s big laugh.

I am obsessed with shoulder shots.  I did a shot like this for my self portrait when I was in school and it was chosen to go in my graduation portfolio and it hung at the art gallery when I graduated.  I love the subtle collarbones and the soft texture of her skin.  And of course, that antique necklace is stunning!

This was shot through the tiny window in the door that led into the sanctuary.  I love the sense of “peeking in” that it provides.

The ceremony is actually one of my favorite parts of the day.  I love the seriousness and the spirituality.  This image is very ceremonial feeling, which I also love.  Kym and Billy bent down on their knees, the preacher knelt down beside them, the cross in front of them, the grandfather praying/listening off to the right.  Very intimate. These are the moments that made them husband and wife.  I just love that.


I love everyone’s expressions framing the edges of this photo. Genuine happiness.

I love the flirty/playful element of this image.  Kym’s expression is great and I also like the gesture provided by them walking towards me.

Backlit, long shadows, a warm edit.  Perfect late afternoon image.  I also like how secluded it feels.

The small picture within the big picture(the one above this one).

I love taking these room shots,  hopefully when Kym looks at this picture a few years from now she can totally remember every detail of her reception.

I love this shot. It was during the toasts.  It was totally candid and I love the unintentional symmetry.

I love Kym’s expression and the way she is grasping Billy’s shoulder, her head resting on his cheek.  You really can tell that they’re having a great time.

Bands are the best at weddings.  1. They are so fun to photograph. 2. They really know how to work a crowd. These guys were super passionate and  I feel like that comes across in these two images.

Loving the motion in this image. I’m feeling it…I’m feeling it.

Get low, get low, get low, get low…I just love it when people get low. Then naturally I get low too. (to get the shot). Then naturallllly I can’t feel my legs the next day. lol.

Hahahaha.  This guy tried so hard to reach for the garter that he dropped his beer and made a big mess.  Oh, the things people will do for love.  😉

One of our favorite things at receptions is when people create a circle and just a few people enter the circle to dance at one time.  It gives everyone an individual chance to show off and be silly, and it gives me and Zahra plenty of room to get a great shot.  Like this one.

Um, can we say drunk?  Lol.  He fell on the floor while trying to dance with himself, haha.  Great moment.

The exit shot seals the deal. I love exits. You can totally tell by looking at this picture that Kym and Billy are a little shy and don’t like to be the center of attention.  Aren’t we all? But I think their expressions are super cute and make for a great moment.

Gina & Scott reside in Atlanta but opted for a charming destination wedding in good ole Savannah.  When we first met with Gina (a year before the big day) she told us that the ceremony would be held in one of Savannah’s quaint squares, and the reception to follow would be at the Avia Hotel which wasn’t built yet.  WHAT?!  YES. She’s fearless, that’s why we love her. Gina booked the hotel while wearing a hard hat and looking at the blueprints.  HAHA. Well, she hit the jackpot. The ceremony was beautiful with great morning light, and the Avia Hotel was to die for.  The reception was held in the Grand Parlor of the Avia Hotel, and the guests were served brunch. Very laid back reception, followed by a fearless photo session.  Enjoy.

Gina and Scott opted not to see each other before the ceremony. They rode in separate trolleys from the hotel to the square.

Love the nervous/anxious look on Gina’s face in these next few images.

Yum, the omelet station was such a cool touch.