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Finally! I have my maternity session ready to share! I am 39 weeks & 3 days today and my little one is due on Friday. Fingers crossed he’ll be good and ready to arrive sometime this week because Mama is tired!! 4 weeks ago they gave me an ultrasound and estimated his weight to be 7lbs 8oz…4 weeks ago. Yeaaaah soooo, I’m basically carrying a linebacker. I’m pretty nervous about it. HA! So with that being said I will be out of the office soon getting used to having this little big guy around. Courtney will be holding down the fort in my absence but she can only handle so much by herself so please be patient with requests if they are not urgent. Thanks in advance! :)

When Courtney first offered to do a maternity session for me I had no idea what I wanted or why I was even doing the session. But as the months passed, I started getting used to the idea  and getting excited. I must admit, I was not too excited to get in front of the camera, this is the first time she shot me since we were in school!!! But once we got started I relaxed and went with flow.  I decided on Cator Woolford Gardens for my session because I LOVE the bamboo there. I just showed up with my two little outfits and let Courtney & our wonderful intern Romina go to town.  I could not be any happier with the images.  I love them because of what they symbolize and they make me feel pretty. But I also love them because I didn’t tell Courtney my vision, we didn’t have a meeting about the session, I just trusted her and ended up with greatness. I never realized how much Courtney really knew me until I looked back at the pictures. They are a beautiful token of our friendship and this wonderful time in our lives. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Disclaimer: I do not look like this naturally. I was beautified by my sista’ from another mista’ and make up artist extraordinaire Aileen Solis!



I bought Courtney a Holga for her birthday a few years ago and she enjoys taking it on vacations with her for some fun/quirky shots.  She had issues with the film and all of the shots overlapped, so we had to crop into them all (UGHHHHHHHHHHH!) but they are still fun and cool.  😉


Courtney wanted to cry when she saw that our faces were overlapped and overexposed and that she had to crop them out, but we still like this shot of me and Allen.  We bought fruit from this station one day.  Sooooooooo good!

We didn’t mean to be twinkies and both wear stripes, LOL! We’re just in sync like that!! :)

Part of the taxi tour.  Overlooking Montego Bay!

The front of our cute little condo.

More of Dr. Cave’s Beach.  The water was crystal clear and teal.  Such a great day!  Snorkeling was fun too… lots of colorful fish!

Courtney also buys an underwater disposable camera every time we go on vacation.  Here are some fun shots of her and Doug on the giant water trampoline.


The End! We miss you Jamaica! :)

Welcome to Montego Bay ya’ll!! We’re so excited to share our personal photos from the trip with you!! We hope you loooooove! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Right outside our back porch was a tree that was visited often by Jamaica’s national bird, the Doctor Bird or Swallow-Tail Hummingbird.  It lives ONLY in Jamaica and is the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds.  The male bird has a tail that is about 10″ long, so the bird is about 13″ in length total.  Isn’t he super cool?!?!

Courtney LOOOOOOVVVEEESSS cats, so she was really happy then this little kitty made friends with her during the trip.


This picture was taken sitting on our back porch.  Yesssssssss that was the view from our house.  How awesome is that?!?!  Many of the other water pictures were also taken from our yard, looking down the cliff.



View of the back of the building.  We were the condo in the middle, but we were the only renters that week, so we had the entire place to ourselves.  Yeah Mon!

Lizards were everywhere.  We didn’t see any really colorful ones but they were still cute.


Dr. Cave’s Beach – just steps away from our condo.  We didn’t need a car for anything!

The gang – lunch at the beach club restaurant.

Doug enjoying a Jamaican Red Stripe beer.

Pool water…

The water at the beach…can you believe how clear it is?!?!

Full view of Dr. Cave’s beach.

Courtney & Doug snorkeling. I wanted to join but I couldn’t swim out that far with my pregnant lady stamina. Oh well. ..NEXT TIME!

The housekeeper/cook picked fresh flowers from the gardens outside and made this beautiful arrangement for us.

Courtney and Doug worked on this puzzle on-and-off throughout the week.

We both loved this cute parrot and looked for one in the souvenir shops but we never saw one.  :(

We took a 2-hour taxi tour through downtown Montego Bay and up into the mountains where a lot of the locals live – here are some images from that ride…

Yes, I know this picture is not really in focus but get over it!  It is one of Courtney’s faves.  ;)~

Overlooking Montego Bay.

We noticed some beautiful spotlights on the water, shining down from heaven.  😉

Oh beef patty, how I miss you so!

A cruise ship came into town one day and here it is sailing away.   We were like, “Suckerrrrrrrrrrs… y’all have to leave and we get to stay here!”  LOL!!

A beautiful and relaxing sunset, observed from our back porch.

Cool mango silhouette.

Overlooking the “Hip Stip” late at night.

The housekeeper/cook made us a tasty dinner one night.  It ended up being the best meal we had the entire time we were there!  Jerk chicken, fresh steamed vegetables, plantains, a salad with homemade dressing (she even gave us the recipe, yesss!) and fresh-baked banana bread, which we forgot to take a picture of.  Thanks, Brenda!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!



Did we get 2 new assistants? No. Employees? No. Did our boyfriend and husband join the company? No. The 2 new members to our team are….. drum roll….. babies! That’s right! We are both, YES BOTH, pregnant! Zahra is due first, in July, and Courtney to follow in October. We are both so blessed and so happy to start a family and more than anything, we are so happy we get to share in this experience together. We’ll get to help each other out when we each need maternity leave, so the schedules line up awesomely. We’ve loved sharing tips and tricks and stories about weird dreams and cravings so far and can’t wait to see where else this new journey takes us both. Zahra is having a boy, which she dearly wanted. Courtney won’t find out the gender until June, but she is secretly hoping for a girl even though her husband wants a boy, ha! Check out our latest ultrasounds for a personal peek at our 2 little ones.




New York Trip

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Zahra here! I’ve been meaning to share these images on our blog for ages now…as in 2 freakin’ years ago. :/ I had a vivid dream about New York last night that inspired me to post this today. :) Two years ago, Courtney and I went up to New York to shoot her sister-in-law’s wedding. While there we spent a couple of days in the city w/our other halves. Photographers have a bad reputation of not shooting for themselves and documenting their personal lives and I have to admit I am sometimes guilty of that. :( But, I’M TRYING TO CHANGE OKAY!? And the images from this trip have definitely spurred that change for me. I’ve been making an extra effort to shoot for myself  ever since. :) Take a look!


First top, Chinatown!

I was trying to be all sneaky photojournalist and this lady wasn’t very happy about that. :(

This is Allen! My boyfriend. :)

This picture makes my mouth water every time!! These olives were the bomb!!

Courtney & Doug!!

“Get the hundreds outs of New York!!”

I wish I remembered the name of this place! I loved the pizza.

Getting my pose on!

I liked the Z’s! :)

Washington Square Park.

Chillaxin’ in Central Park.

my sunset. :)

September 21, 2011

I decided to pull out my camera and take advantage of the beautiful sunset tonight. I’m so happy I did! I love these two images!!!

– Zahra


Anniversary Trip!

August 30, 2011

My husband Doug and I(Courtney) zipped away to Destin for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast and the relaxation was SO therapeutic (and much needed!).  Here are some shots from the trip that make me happy…
































fun in my garden: part 1

March 24, 2011

So I finally decided to go outside for 10 minutes of stress relief and enjoy my flower garden today.  I took the camera and had some fun with macro photography.  These are some of my faves from today.  I had so much fun I think I will do this weekly and really get to pay close attention to how the garden changes over the course of the seasons.  That’s what I like about macro photography… it lets you discover things that would normally go unnoticed… the smallest of details.  The salmon poppy flower has brought me joy all week… standing proudly very tall above the base of the plant on a long, skinny stem – waving delicately in the air.  It is so cool… it looks like it’s made of paper!  The little yellow flowers are the size of a pea and are growing on a barberry bush which is known more for the bush and not so much for the flowers.  But once you get close enough (with a macro lens) you can see that even the teeny-tiny little flowers are beautiful, too.  The name of the white one has escaped me, but it’s about the size of a nickel. I love it because it looks like fireworks!  The blue/purple one is called muscari and I actually found it growing wildly in my yard this week and I have no idea where it came from… most people buy them in bulb form from the landscaping store.  They, too, are about the size of a nickel.  I love these shots because they reveal detail that I couldn’t see with my own eyes.  It took the zoom power of the macro lens to capture it and reveal it to me.  What a fun exploration!!  Whew… that was some much needed relaxation time.  Now it’s time to gear up for the back-to-back weddings we have this weekend and 9 hours of driving.  Wish us luck!!  More macro shots to come next week…

– Courtney

Happy HAPPY HOPPY hopppy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best friend and business partner anyone could ever have!! I am so lucky to have met you and so happy to have you in my life! I hope you have the best day that you could possibly have! TEETH FACE! (inside joke)

By the way,  I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE 30! You SO don’t look it! :) Can’t wait to see you tomorrow so we can have guilt free sugary things in honor of your birthday! 😉

the NOT wedding

March 3, 2010

This past weekend we attended The Not Wedding. We had to support Atlanta Occasions and go see what the Not Wedding was all about! We  enjoyed mingling with all of the super cool brides and our fellow vendors.  Aesthetic, Chaos Couture BridalDreamy Gelato, Savage Garden Sweet Sensations, & Tasty Pastry…you gals & guy :) rocked the house! Also, lets not forget the people at WOW photobooth

Aside from The Not Wedding we wanted to brag about our bride/friend Maliha Haider of Chaos Couture.  Maliha’s custom headpieces & veils were worn by the brides in the Not Wedding ceremony. The headpieces are totally custom and some even have authentic vintage appliqués. We are in love with her headpieces and love when brides opt to wear headpieces like these on their wedding day.  Chaos Couture also offers cool headbands and headpieces like the ones we are wearing in the photo booth picture above for everyday casual wear.  Take a look at our shots below of a few of the headpieces.  Don’t you just love them?