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Yay!  We have a sneak from Sofi + Akbar’s wedding festivities!!  Sofi & Akbar had a South Asian wedding and you don’t see that on our blog everyday,  so we took the time to explain some of the events so that you guys can better understand the images.

On the first night with Sofi & Akbar we shot their Pithi ceremony. The Pithi ceremony is celebrated seperately and Sofi and Akbar were not to see each other on this day…

Sofi entering the room to begin her Pithi ceremony…

Sofi and Akbar’s closest friends and family all came up to give blessings and rub a paste made out of chickpea flour, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron and rose water on their skin. The paste is excellent for your skin, it cleanses as well as adds a healthy glow. GOOD TO KNOW!! :)

Candy is fed to them to wish them sweetness in life. :)

Akbar’s Pithi was the same as Sofi’s except after the traditional ceremony the guests followed him into another room for some EXTRA “blessings” just to show how much they REALLY love him. :) This party is totally just for fun!!

The wedding day!

Sofi & Akbar’s beautiful sisters MC’ed the reception.


More soon! Happy Monday!!!

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